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Just as there are those who would fight the validity and/or interpretation of a decedent's last will and testament, there are those who shall fight to insure its enforcement. And as with any good defense, defending a will begins with insuring the conditions under which the last will and testament are signed meets the requisite legal standards to withstand tough adversarial scrutiny and attack.

The signing of wills and powers of attorney should not be left to chance, given the repercussions of inadequate procedural requirements and safeguards being effected to insure the validity and interpretation of these highly significant legal documents that only come into operation when the principal signatory is incapable of providing any further input (whether by death or incapacity). As such, it cannot be understated that appropriate legal guidance is of paramount importance, especially when there is the potential for a dispute amongst the prospective beneficiaries (or those who have been purposely left out of the will).

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