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Estate litigation can be extremely nasty and expensive; as family members battle over the interpretation of a contested will and how the assets of the decedent's estate are distributed amongst prospective beneficiaries. Money oftentimes overrides civility and equity, as long-held yet hidden animosity and personal grudges come to the fore in a vicious battle where the future ramifications to family and friends are all too often discarded. Instead it becomes about getting as much money as certain beneficiaries believe they are 'entitled' to. And it is this sense of entitlement that drives estate litigation and court fights, as people disagree as to who is entitled to how much and who should be disinherited for not having been a good enough son or daughter.

For when people fight over inheritance, common sense all too often goes out the window. Which in turn leads to finding legal angles to contest the decedendant's last will & testament. What exactly does the will say? Are there any errors in the will or its execution? Did the testator (the deceased person) understand the will? Was the testaor competent? Was the testator under undue influence or pressure? Is there another will out there?

With these and other points of contention, the legal attack seeks to challenge the will's interpretation to the benefit of one or more persons, while to the disadvantage of others. And this in turn creates the bitter and costly legal battles over the estates of dead people where the financial stakes are incredibly high, yet also has potential to gestate into personal attacks that are all too often irrecoverable. As such, this can become one of the more vicious legal battles, as it takes on a scorched earth approach in the pursuit of the largest possible share of the estate that one beneficiary might claim over another. Recognizing this reality of estate litigation is essential, such that having an experienced protect your interests in the pending legal battle over the estate is essential. 

For complex inheritance disputes and contesting wills, contact estate litigation lawyer Christopher R. Neufeld, feel free to call 403-400-4092 or email at


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