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Estate Litigation Lawyer: Family Fight

Estate litigation can be extremely nasty as it pits family members against one another, with the consequences often being irreparable. Nevertheless when the draw of money is a powerful as it can be in a litigious family estate dispute, the acrimony can be considerable. Scorched earth tactics are all too often resorted to, typically against the counsel of the individual's lawyer. For the allure of a big money payday can make people do crazy things.

Managing such infighting among family members is extremely important, especially given how emotionally charged the situation is following the death of one family member. Nevertheless old grudges and jealousies can rise to the forefront on this emotionally charged atmosphere. This tends to only have negative ramifications, yet it is the reality in these emotionally charged situations.

For complex inheritance disputes and contesting wills, which have a tendency of becoming acrimonious between family members, together with extremely expensive; contact estate litigation lawyer Christopher R. Neufeld, feel free to call 403-400-4092 or email at


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